One school at a time

Salvaging the future of sub-Saharan Africa one school at a time.
Our current project

The first and current project of AEF is the rebuilding and restoration of Government Secondary School, Afikpo (GSSA).

GSSA is a boys’ high school located in the town of Afikpo in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. This school was one of the best of the leadership academies of Nigeria until war, and the official neglect that came in the aftermath of war, devastated the school leading to a downward spiral of decline and decay that nearly resulted in the school’s demise. Most of the buildings in the school are unusable because they are dilapidated, thanks to neglect and lack of maintenance resulting from lack of funds engendered by the aftermath of a civil war we lost with all its political and economic ramifications. Corruption and warped priorities in the halls of power also played a role. Some of the dormitories (boarding houses) are in ruins; they do not have roofs.

However, regardless of how this once magnificent academy for teenage boys came to this pass, AEF and the alumni, are determined to rebuild the school completely. We are also determined to institutionalize vigilance among the alumni such that the school will never have this experience again.

In 2007, the alumni of GSSA based in the United States formed Government Secondary School Afikpo Alumni Association (GSSAAA) and launched a program of complete rebuilding and restoration of GSSA. The board of trustees of GSSAAA later founded African Education Fund as a more robust platform for raising funds to enable them to extend the reach of their agenda, not only to other schools in southeastern Nigeria, the area affected by the Nigeria-Biafra war, but to other areas of sub-Saharan Africa where war has set education back.


1. The Water Project: June 2009 to July 2009
Cost $20,000
GSSAAA installed 2 sources of clean water on campus each with its own water well (bore hole), pump, storage tanks, underground pipes and battery of water taps. One source served the teachers’ quarters, the other the students’ hostels. The pictures here show one set of facilities serving one of the 2 identical water schemes.

2. The Examination Hall Project:
January 2010 to August 2010
Cost: $50,000
GSSAAA reconstructed and renovated the GSSA Examination Hall

3. The Soccer Project:
February 2010 – June 2010
Cost: $2,500
GSSAAA purchased and provided supplies for the game of Soccer and thus resuscitated the game of Soccer. Inter house Soccer matches were played for the first time in a long time in 2010.

4. The Main Classroom Building (MCB):
August 2010 to February 2011
Cost: $95,000
GSSAAA rebuilt and completely restored the GSSA Main Classroom Building

5. The Sanitation Project:
March 2011 to June 2011
Cost: $31,000
GSSAAA rebuilt and restored the GSSA Main Classroom Building Lavatory walkway, lavatory, and water reservoir. A new water borehole was built to supply water to the GSSA classroom area.

6. School House:
The first student hostel: November 2011 to Date (ongoing)
Cost: (projected): over $100,000
GSSAAA are rebuilding and completely restoring the GSSA residential or boarding house, School House.

A. Ibiam House:
The complete reconstruction and restoration of Ibiam House, one of the residential houses (dormitories). Projected to cost over $100,000.
B. Okpara House:
The complete reconstruction and restoration of Okpara House, another one of the residential houses (dormitories). Projected to cost over $100,000.
C. Mboto House:
The complete reconstruction and restoration of Mboto House, yet another one of the residential houses (dormitories). Projected to cost over $100,000.