African Education Fund (AEF)

11 future doctors (M.D's); 5 Ph.D's; 5 engineers; 3 architects; 1 pharmacist; 1 geologist; 1 M.D., Ph.D.

This performance can be replicated in tens of thousands of places in sub-Saharan Africa.
Yes, and quite possibly, even surpassed! With your support.

African Education Fund (AEF) is a 501(c)3 organization founded to promote, and support education in sub-Saharan Africa independent of the effort or lack there of African governments; and ultimately to instigate an education revolution in the region.

“We in sub-Saharan Africa cannot continue to wear our underdeveloped status as if it were a badge of honor while the rest of the world, has deliberately and unstintingly embraced education and the technological culture it engenders, and as a result, powers ahead full throttle into a future we can only dream about. We cannot afford to continue to be mere passive spectators in a knowledge-based world economy, watching the amazing technological progress all around us without aspiring to become truly active participants in the imaginativeness and inventiveness that produce such progress.

What is needed in sub-Saharan Africa is an education revolution. The AEF’s goal is to spark such a revolution. This revolution will produce the thinkers and tinkerers who will launch and lead a technological revolution in sub-Saharan Africa, the way it has happened for instance in South Korea in less than a generation.” Dr. Obi Nwasokwa, Chairman, Board of Directors, AEF

Welcome "Umuntu ngumuntu Ngabantu"

A person is a person because of other people (Zulu proverb)

Education is like magic; it works wonders.

if we give someone a seat in an educational setting, the theoretical potential for what could happen is unlimited. Maybe just maybe in the back of one of those classrooms, right now struggling to see his teacher, is Africa’s next Nelson Mandela or a future Bill Gates or a future Nobel Prize winning scientist. that classroom miracle can happen that transforms an unreachable student into a great student and that great student could go on to do great things – for Malawi, for Africa, for the world. For all of us. Maybe. Just maybe.
–Lawrence ODonnell, the founder of the KIND fund and host of the MSNBC program, The Last Word. (KIND = kids in need of desks)